How It Works

When you sign up for Mane Crate, every quarter you will receive a box of carefully curated full-size professional haircare products. Each item is handpicked by award-winning hairstylist Kristle Jones for your hair type! 

Step 1

Choose Your Hair Type

We have options for everyone! Whether you have fine, lifeless locks or lush, full curls, we cater to you and everyone in-between.

Step 2

Choose a Subscription

Do you want to pay for just one shipment or the entire year all at once? You get to decide!

Step 3

Get a package!

Get ready to meet your hair's new BFF! Your Mane Crate will be delivered right to your doorstep. Love what you got? Of course you did! Now order right from our website.


Mane Crate is MADE FOR YOU!      

The best products your hair could ever dream of, delivered to your door quarterly. Imagine never having to think about what is best for your hair again - Mane Crate is MADE FOR YOU!     

Each monthly Mane Crate delivery will contain a variety of shampoo, conditioner, styling products and/or tools for you to enjoy. 


Start your box today!

For less than the price of a blowout, you can get professional haircare products  that are handpicked for your hair type!

These products have been tested by our team at Mane Crate to make sure you are  getting the best of the best in the hair industry. You can test out new  products throughout the year without any pressure. Love what you tried? You can order your favorites right from our website!